Here we have put together some facts and figures we trust you will find interesting and useful. Please double check this information with the relevant bodies before using it. For our benefit we have just summarised some of the information we use on a regular basis and nearly all our information is in easy to read tables.

Support Resources


Here we have the latest VAT rates and when they changed, we list the EU members and the format of their codes. Do you have the correct format for the EU member state and is that EU member part of the EU VAT area? Well you can find all that information here. Read more…


The latest pay codings, are you using the correct Basic Rate code? In October we usually see minimum wages increased, are you breaking the law? How much can you earn before you pay 40% tax? These questions are answered here. Read more…


You may be aware that you can get 45p per mile for the first 10,000 business miles, thereafter it drops down to 25p mile, but did you know that National Insurance Contributions are calculated on 45p per mile for all business miles? Read more…

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