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Sage One Accounting

At last Sage have provided us with a useful and usable online accounts package in Sage One Accounting. Personally I feel this warranted a complete rebrand as the original Sage One turned out to be Sage ‘hard work and generally unfriendly’. Now Sage One Accounting which is more or less Sage 50 but an online version gives us nearly everything we want and in some cases a little more. The easy to use interface is actually easier than the desk top version and the reports are a little prettier and easier to read. Although as yet there is no Report design function this will apparently be coming out later in the year, probably towards the end of September. As with anything and everything worth its salt online these days, there are constant updates and one week the annoyance of having to double tab the input has the next week become the joy of one tab we had wished for. We look forward to more updates and will share them as they arrive.

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