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Project Costing

Project costing in Sage One Accounting I found to be hidden quite well. You will need to go in to the Summary tab then ‘getting started’ and you will find it half way down on the right hand side ‘Do you have departments, cost codes or projects?’ Once you are in there everything is fairly straightforward with a tab for each and a blank line at the bottom for the next item. Again look closely when you are posting your sales or purchase invoices you will need to hover over the line total to find the double arrow that then allows you to select your specific project, department or cost code. You can get your results from the profit and lost page by using the ‘more’ arrow after the dates and revealing all your project etc options. This is a real bonus for the Project user as in the past and certainly with Sage it has only been available on the more expenses packages or on others as costly add on.

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