25th May 2018 the date that the new data protection laws came in to place. Recently everybody has been talking about GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679 supersedes the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and here at KBOAS we can assure you that your data privacy is very important to us.

Systems are in place within the office and our Privacy Policy has been updated according. Our clients privacy policy can be found on the website at the very bottom of each page.

Our clients can be confident as always that they have our best attention at all times.

January Sage Insights Webinar

Sage Insight Webinar – This week we attended the Sage Insight Webinar to see what to expect in the forth-coming months for Sage One Accounting. To be quite honest not too much that we weren’t already aware of however subtle improvements in the basic functionality will make overall data processing smoother.

Many of you have been waiting patiently for the Sage 50 to Sage One Accounting migration tool that was originally to be launched last September. Well it is still in the pipeline with no date but they will be giving us more detailed information in their March Webinar, so we continue to hold our breath.

On a positive note Sage have a new look for their currency invoices and improved customization on all invoices, they have added transaction dates to the VAT and bank sections to easier identify dates and they are improving the stock reporting.

Sage have now added HSBC to their bank feed list again I have to say that I am not a great lover of bank feeds but each to their own on that subject. Apparently they are updating the importing software and it should be more efficient in the future. I will let you know what we think of it when it happens.

Until next time, keep warm and busy

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all at KBOAS. We hope that your 2018 will be busy and prosperous. It was an interesting 2017 with all the cloud based accounting products releasing new features virtually every month and I don’t think that will stop any time soon. Most of our clients are now on the cloud with their accounts and finding it easy to use and beneficial to be able to access up to date information.

It is my resolution to blog more frequently this year, so I will include any new relevant features that are released and try to keep you current with everything exciting in the world on accounting.

Making amendments in Sage One Accounting

We all do it from time to time, a wrong date, miss typed invoice number or a change of nominal code but we only ever normally spot the error as soon as we hit the Save button. At that point making an amendment is not problematic in fact just click on the offending transaction, make your change and simply save. The problems arises if some time has elapsed before you spot your mishap and click on the transaction to amend, only to find that it is ‘greyed out’. So it is grey out for several reasons lets just take them one at a time. Has the item been paid?  If so the transaction can be released from the ‘Grey’ by deleting the payment but don’t forget to allocate the payment once you have finished. Has the item been VAT reconciled? If so I am afraid the correction can only be done by a credit note and reentry or a journal. If neither of these are the case then just check if a draft VAT return has been run and if that is the case, delete the draft VAT with the X at the beginning of the line and that transaction should be Grey free. You can always run another draft VAT return when you have finished if you need some idea of what to VAT to expect so far.

Payments on account

Payments on account happen for all sorts of reasons, be it credit card payment where you are waiting for some one to empty their wallet of receipts or you are just a little bit too eager to keep the bank up to date. The payments on account mostly happen with purchases but can equally apply to customers. For those of you moving from Sage One Accounts it will be a new experience to be able to put payments on account but from Sage 50 you will scratch your head when you have now received and entered your missing invoice and you want to match your payment. Yes in Sage One Accounting you have gone in to the Bank payment tabs as you would have expected and happily ticked all the necessary boxes only to be told you can not have a nil payment. Slightly annoyed but not to be beaten you think, right I will get you next time this customer/supplier has a transaction! Joy of joys that does not need to be the case, just pop along to the offending Contact and with one click on their name it will take you to their account and under the little blue ‘Manage’ button you will find your option of ‘Account Allocation’. As the Account allocation brings up all the relevant transactions for that contact you can click away to your hearts content and the software at this point will be as happy as Larry to let you have a Nil balance.

Project Costing

Project costing in Sage One Accounting I found to be hidden quite well. You will need to go in to the Summary tab then ‘getting started’ and you will find it half way down on the right hand side ‘Do you have departments, cost codes or projects?’ Once you are in there everything is fairly straightforward with a tab for each and a blank line at the bottom for the next item. Again look closely when you are posting your sales or purchase invoices you will need to hover over the line total to find the double arrow that then allows you to select your specific project, department or cost code. You can get your results from the profit and lost page by using the ‘more’ arrow after the dates and revealing all your project etc options. This is a real bonus for the Project user as in the past and certainly with Sage it has only been available on the more expenses packages or on others as costly add on.

Sage One Start

Sage One Start does what it says on the tin really. It is ideal for small companies or self employed who at present just use a spreadsheet or pen and paper and wish to start on the accounting package road. You can enter monies you have received and spent with as little as half a dozen clicks and with that, it will be paid, entered to the appropriate bank account and placed itself where you wish on the profit and loss. A great first time package for people who do not need the function of producing invoices or dealing with projects and their respective costings. Sage One Start is even available for VAT registered companies providing they only require ‘Cash accounting’ or ‘Flat rate’ options. A great little package for only £5.00/month well worth a go, give us a ring and find out more.

Sage One Accounting

At last Sage have provided us with a useful and usable online accounts package in Sage One Accounting. Personally I feel this warranted a complete rebrand as the original Sage One turned out to be Sage ‘hard work and generally unfriendly’. Now Sage One Accounting which is more or less Sage 50 but an online version gives us nearly everything we want and in some cases a little more. The easy to use interface is actually easier than the desk top version and the reports are a little prettier and easier to read. Although as yet there is no Report design function this will apparently be coming out later in the year, probably towards the end of September. As with anything and everything worth its salt online these days, there are constant updates and one week the annoyance of having to double tab the input has the next week become the joy of one tab we had wished for. We look forward to more updates and will share them as they arrive.

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