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Making amendments in Sage One Accounting

We all do it from time to time, a wrong date, miss typed invoice number or a change of nominal code but we only ever normally spot the error as soon as we hit the Save button. At that point making an amendment is not problematic in fact just click on the offending transaction, make your change and simply save. The problems arises if some time has elapsed before you spot your mishap and click on the transaction to amend, only to find that it is ‘greyed out’. So it is grey out for several reasons lets just take them one at a time. Has the item been paid? ┬áIf so the transaction can be released from the ‘Grey’ by deleting the payment but don’t forget to allocate the payment once you have finished. Has the item been VAT reconciled? If so I am afraid the correction can only be done by a credit note and reentry or a journal. If neither of these are the case then just check if a draft VAT return has been run and if that is the case, delete the draft VAT with the X at the beginning of the line and that transaction should be Grey free. You can always run another draft VAT return when you have finished if you need some idea of what to VAT to expect so far.

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