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We have been very fortunate to work with so many lovely clients with such diversity of business.

Who we work with

Transport Industry

We work with one of the transport industry’s leading Transport Training companies providing monthly reports for their management analysis. We visit this client at least twice a month, or more frequently if requested, to produce reports and analysis of the current months business trading and the year to date figures. We provide comparative graphs and update their Sage accounting system to produce company relevant reports.


We work weekly hand in hand, with a busy local independent opticians. We accommodate all their accounting requirements. We calculate their V.A.T and monthly supplier payments. From input of purchase invoices and daily sales to quarterly comparison figures and monthly profit and loss reports.

Private hire

The private hire and taxi sector is an industry where every penny counts. With weekly visits we can provide the necessary information to keep on top of the companies needs. With the fluctuation of fuel prices this industry needs constant monitoring. Daily analysis and weekly reports are essential. Miles per gallon and servicing expenses are the foundation this business. We have produced spreadsheets that monitor fuel usage and daily expenses to provide the owners with a current accurate position of the expenses.

Hotel and Public House

In recent times this line of business has suffered maybe more than most. With the no smoking legislation, increased duty on alcohol and the cut backs on leisure spending it’s time to focus on all expenses. Labour costs are one of the major expenses in this industry so must be monitored and explained. Most of the monitoring is done through daily management scrutiny however the independent quarterly reports that we produce from the management figures can shed light on any shortfalls.

Retail outlets

It is phenomenal the amount of paperwork that is produced by a retail outlet, especially if perishables are part of your stock. Dependant on size it can be essential that the input is done daily, on site, to keep ahead of the paperwork. Training can be given to ensure that the entries are as accurate as possible. On a quarterly basis once the input has been confirmed as being correct or adjusted to conform with accounting procedure and nominal constrictions, we can complete V.A.T. returns and produce reports as required.

Construction Industry

We have worked closely with the construction industry over the last 10 years and rarely has it been so slow. It is essential in today’s market to get your costings absolutely right, there is no room for error. Departmental analysis of wages and salaries are a must. Material costings and general overheads have to be accounted for to the penny. Each project now requires its own cost centre and needs monitoring on a regular basis.

Parish Council Auditing

We are approved by Essex County Council as an internal auditor for parish council accounts. We can advise on internal systems for you, audit the income and expenditure accounts and complete the Internal Auditors section of the required Annual Return. We can advise and answer questions on general Clerking procedures.


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