About us


About us

Karen Baker has been a self employed bookkeeper for over 25 years and still enjoys the challenges of the day to day business world.

Our History

When Karen first started in an accounts office the standard VAT rate was 8% and the registration threshold was just £7,500 per annum, if they were lucky enough to have a computer the Sage accounting software was a DOS program with a black and green screen and the only type choice was capitals. The hand written Kalamazoo system was common for most stock control and oh yes the hard drive on the computer was 10MB on a good day. How did she survive?

Working in Suffolk for a busy company gave Karen the opportunity to get a good grounding in accounts. In 1988 she moved up to Liverpool and worked initally for an accountant and then as a self employed bookkeeper. Liverpool was a very different world to Suffolk. The pace of life was so much quicker and busier, whether that is better or not, who knows, each to their own! However it did mean that for those 6 years she had a chance to be hands on as technology blitzed it’s way through the office environments. Work hard, play hard seemed to be the way of life, so she joined in. During her time away from Suffolk, she was very busy, she attended Sage conferences, VAT seminars and Payroll update courses however she did manage to squeeze in some fun.

Returning to Suffolk in 1994 to be nearer her family she very quickly took up Bookkeeping work again. Karen has worked and works for many lovely people. She has the benefit of working for many different companies in such variety of industries that she can share her knowledge to it’s best advantage. Her network of friends and colleagues makes sure she can always find the necessary resources to get the job done.

What makes us different

When Karen takes on a new client one of the first things she explains is that their business is now hers. She treats every business as if it was her own. Karen’s heart and soul is dedicated to work and everything she learns or does, is always a possible benefit to another of her clients. Confidentiality is Karen’s middle name and you will never doubt her loyalty.

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